Infinite Dog, Kamloops, BC, Canada, dog training, aggression, behaviour, puppies, puppy training
Infinite Dog, Kamloops, BC, Canada, dog training, aggression, behaviour, puppies, puppy training



Tamryn has developed a program that works for you and your dog. She offers private training sessions combined with a shamanic reading to accelerate your progress and soften your barriers quickly to support you and your dog getting to know each other at a whole new level.

Shamanic dog training is like no other training method, as it introduces new techniques and principles as the foundation of teaching:

These shamanic principles provide the layer of safety and support our relationships need as we dive into the work of teaching our dogs how to function and become the best versions of themselves they can be. Without fluidity, right relationship and unconditional love, the work with our dogs is at risk of becoming process-based, results driven and insensitive. We may forget that our dogs are living conscious beings who need and deserve to be taught in a way that serves that consciousness to its highest capacity.

In other words, we can teach our dogs everything they need to know – and even more than we thought possible – when we address them from a new perspective: they are conscious, they are aware, they are intelligent and they are emotionally available. They are, in many ways, no different than us. This point of view helps us put down the old way of doing things and find new systems to create new outcomes.

Shamanic Dog Training gives us access to the 5 Freedoms:


Shamanic Dog Training is effective, simple, fast and natural. You and your dog will love the common sense feeling of the tools and the down to earth ways of doing things. The lessons will fit seamlessly into your daily life without much effort or energy required.

Here are the ways shamanic dog training can help with dogs, puppies and problems:


Your dog can learn how to participate in your daily life at a level you didn’t think possible. With intrinsic teaching, they will learn how to remember their responsibilities, hold themselves accountable for certain tasks and make decisions from a place of critical thinking and level headedness.

Imagine a life together where you need to control less, punish less and you can let go of needing to “police” your dog’s every action. Your dog is pre-wired to participate in family life and find the rhythms and values that guide the group as whole. They are eager to learn how they can contribute to daily moments and support the family culture. They want to belong and feel like they are important to you.

Here are the skills you and your dog will work on with a shamanic dog training program:

These skills are called “Life Skills”, as they help you and your dog develop an easy and natural life together. Shamanic dog training helps you achieve these tools with minimal effort and a feeling of common sense. With this down to earth approach, you and your dog will learn how to live and work together with more freedom, more trust and more adventure.


Baby dogs need parenting. We take them from their dog mamas early, and they need a lot of nurturing, support and play. Shamanic dog training helps us remember not to take ourselves too seriously as we enjoy this magical time with our young dogs. Soon enough they will be teenage disasters, and it is sweet to spend the time necessary to galvanize our connection, trust and leadership with our puppies.

Shamanic dog training teaches you how to develop an unshakeable bond with your puppy – to last a lifetime of new experiences, unexpected challenges and everyday issues. Puppy training requires so much more than teaching basic commands and house training – it is the opportunity to set in motion a lifestyle and intention to live together as family, playmates, friends and partners.

You will learn how to teach the Life Skills (listed above in the “Dog” section), how to achieve the 5 Freedoms (listed above in introduction) and how to build the life you have always wanted with your dog.

You and your puppy will receive the tools and skills you need to minimize the growing pains in your relationship – to last through chewing, mouthing, barking, chasing, cheeky adolescence and sometimes infuriating explorations of independence and testing the limits. You will be fully supported, with Tamryn’s full commitment to be with you until it feels good and right.


Working through problems with your dog can feel daunting and overwhelming. Shamanic dog training reminds us that even though your dog has a serious issue, we need to remain committed to friendship, kindness and understanding. Problems like aggression, anxiety and fearfulness are not reasons to compromise the foundation of family and relationship with your dog.

With a shamanic dog training foundation of fluidity, right relationship and unconditional love (listed in introduction, above), you and your dog can work through misunderstandings and challenges with conscious thinking and situational awareness.

Shamanic dog training does not rely on creating dictatorship control. Nor does it attempt to produce perfect performance. It does not use threats or punishments for “bad” behaviour and it doesn’t use treats and rewards for “good” behaviour. Rather, it teaches your dog how to manage the internal “temperature” of their mental and emotional states.

Your dog is eager to learn more about the details of his life that confuse, frighten and irritate them. They don’t behave the way they do because they think it is the best way to handle things – they simply don’t have any other ideas or options. When shamanic dog training provides them with the understanding and lessons to make different choices, they will in every case they are capable of.

In cases where your dog is not yet able to make new choices for themselves, you will have all the tools to read their condition easily and offer a multitude of intelligent and kind ways to improve the situation. You will sense how to handle things; how to diffuse, how to prevent, how to lighten and how to change. You will be the guidepost your dog can rely on to navigate the sticky moments together.


Tamryn has almost 25 years experience working with behaviour issues like aggression, anxiety, fearfulness and hyperactivity. She is comfortable and happy to share her experience with you and show you how to remain best friends with your dog and make the situation many times better.

For more information, contact Tamryn:

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Tamryn has a wonderful approach for how to work with your dog instead of against them. She teaches people how to give their dogs feedback about what behaviour is appropriate and what's not, instead of just getting them to do an action in exchange for a food reward. Our golden retriever puppy is still a bundle of energy, but even at 8 months she had learned boundaries well enough to be left alone in the house without destroying a thing.
~ S. A. & “Winnie”

We love our dogs again and won't be getting rid of Ike
~ J & R with "Ike" & "Fiona"

I love your support for those of us who don’t fit the mould on traditional methods
~ K. with “Murphy"

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Infinite Dog, Kamloops, BC, Canada, dog training, aggression, behaviour, puppies, puppy training
Infinite Dog, Kamloops, BC, Canada, dog training, aggression, behaviour, puppies, puppy training
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