Infinite Dog, Kamloops, BC, Canada, dog training, aggression, behaviour, puppies, puppy training
Infinite Dog, Kamloops, BC, Canada, dog training, aggression, behaviour, puppies, puppy training

Yesterday I saw Peasie’s heart

Yesterday I saw Peasie’s heart. Not her physical heart, the one that pumps blood to her body. I saw her spiritual heart – the one that pumps love through her being and projects it out to the world.

When you see things in the Spirit world, you no longer rely on your physical eyes. You see with your mind’s eye and your heart’s perception.

Peasie is a teeny little ball of energy and kisses and Boston terrier. I am lucky enough to live with Peasie and I am proud to call her family.

Years ago, I learned a lesson from 2 dogs called Carly and Layla. They taught me how to love unconditionally. How to open yourself to the truth of another and how to receive that truth with gratitude and joy. Gratitude at the honour of seeing someone else’s truth and joy at the simple act of honesty that you experience.

This lesson was one I learned in layers. Carly and Layla were masterful teachers. They patiently helped me and supported me as I made this heart centered shift over the years that I knew them.

And now I live with Peasie. Who has a truth all her own. She is pure. So pure that sometimes she forgets to protect herself and her heart. So, she is sensitive. Her purity and openness get a little bruised sometimes.

I have never held that against Peasie - just like Carly and Layla taught me. I have been willing, all along, to protect her and keep her feeling safe whenever she may need it.

Peasie is 3 years old now. She remains an innocent and in-the-moment girl. She is fast and happy and kissy. She is complex – as multi-faceted as the rest of us. Fearless in some ways and absolutely hesitant in others.

She loves to meditate with me. She always has. She fits perfectly into my crossed legs. She nuzzles in and waits for me to start.

I always know when I have really “tuned in” when Peasie is helping me meditate. Of course, my mind wanders at first. Sometimes only for moments, sometimes for minutes. But Peasie is always patient with me. She knows I’ll get there, in my own time.

There is a deep sigh that emerges from Peasie, when I have found my way completely to the present moment and my body and breath. She sighs with a hint of a moan, and she makes her final adjustments so that she is comfortable in my lap.

It took me a while to notice this sign that Peasie gives me. This “thumbs up” for meditation. And now I wait for it. And I appreciate it every time it happens.

Yesterday when we were getting settled to begin our sweet awareness practice, I saw Peasie’s heart open. It overwhelmed me, as so often happens when I am offered the precious gift of directly experiencing the Mystery this way.

When I say I saw Peasie’s heart, I mean I sensed it. I was given permission to know it and feel it. There is no language for describing one’s direct contact with Spirit. Each person’s perception is so personal and unique. And there are so few references to follow.

So, when we connect with Spirit and we share with each other, we use symbols and metaphors to convey the feeling and the sense and the meaning. Rather than exact details – which are impossibly limiting and ordinary.

The symbol I would use to describe Peasie’s heart is a well. A deep, bottomless well. It is wide and warm and full of sweet light and love. It carries all the way to the core of the Earth and beyond… to the center of the Universe.

It is boundless and limitless and open and tender. It is strong and wise and innocent.

Yesterday I saw Peasie’s heart. And my appreciation and admiration for her multiplied exponentially. The honour I feel at living with this little kissing angel was validated and clarified beyond certainty yesterday.

And so I offer my everlasting and endless gratitude to Carly and Layla – those magnificent master teachers who taught me to see with my heart. So that I may be blessed enough to see the truth of others. So that I may see Peasie’s heart.

Tamryn Fudge is an animal communicator, dog trainer and shamanic practitioner and student. She offers shamanic dog training to help you and your dog get closer and love deeper - for aggression and behaviour problems, everyday learning and puppy teaching. Group and private sessions available. | 250-573-1744

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Infinite Dog, Kamloops, BC, Canada, dog training, aggression, behaviour, puppies, puppy training
Infinite Dog, Kamloops, BC, Canada, dog training, aggression, behaviour, puppies, puppy training
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