Infinite Dog, Kamloops, BC, Canada, dog training, aggression, behaviour, puppies, puppy training
Infinite Dog, Kamloops, BC, Canada, dog training, aggression, behaviour, puppies, puppy training

Peasie is kisses

Peasie stands before me while I rest and read a book. She is calmly waiting for me to acknowledge her. Once I look at her, I can see what she wants, and I comply: I put down my book, remove my eyeglasses (to keep them clean), and bow my head towards hers.

And thus commences our beautiful way of connecting; I close my eyes, bow my head, and receive a multitude of loving and thoughtful kisses from Peasie - upon my nose, my eyelids and my forehead.

I can feel her love soaking into me as she washes me this way, and it feels wonderful to be so thoroughly loved by such a pure little heart.

When I first met Peasie, it took me a while to understand how important kissing is to her; to understand that kissing is an integral part of how she expresses her essence. In short: kissing is who Peasie is.

At first, I made attempts to teach Peasie not to kiss, as I suspected that many people would not appreciate Peasie’s style of connecting. I cannot remember how long I worked to curb her enthusiasm, without realizing that in doing so I was trying to suppress her own truest nature.

Somewhere along the line, it finally dawned on me that Peasie expresses herself with her kisses. She exposes her tenderness and her supreme love for everyone around her with her smooches and wiggles. As much as I tried teaching her not to, she was utterly unable to grasp the concept of restrained affection.

After many attempts to dissuade her from these behaviours, I began understanding that it was more important that Peasie be allowed to be who she is and adored for all she is than it was to stop her from this excessive kissing of hers.

My new strategy has been to inform people of her elaborate greetings, and allow them to decide how to engage with her. If I believe that a person (or especially a child) will be uncomfortable with her intense affection, I simply hold her in place while she greets – so that she has less mobility and bounce.

The people who "get" what Peasie is so happily and openly expressing always receive her affections with smiles and laughter and joy. They chat with her and thank her and seem truly grateful for such sunshiny radiant acceptance and love.

I love it when people are willing to let down their guard and their barriers, release their attachments to “good behaviour” and expectations of the like, and stay in the moment to participate in an open exchange of love essence.

Peasie has crystallized for me the knowledge that there are some things we just need to let be and not try to change. Particularly in those we love the most. Rather than focusing on what I would like to happen, it is equally important to consider what is happening from the other’s point of view and what they are offering of themselves.

Sometimes we don’t recognize when another is opening themselves, revealing their truth, and trusting us with their heart - especially when it appears in a form different from our own expression of the same.

Peasie has helped me notice the signs when someone is opening and revealing themselves. She has helped me remain attentive and open, so that I may engage wholly in a divine union of souls; exchanging love and receiving and revealing one another’s gifts.

Once again, I am trumped by the wisdom and soul connection of my animal friends. Their willingness to carry with them and share with us the memories of living from a place of truth and light humbles me each and every day. Such generosity of spirit is rarely present in our daily lives, and we must learn to recognize it and receive it as often as we possibly can. For it is our saving grace.

It is a beautiful experience, I must say, to live with a dog as a true friend and family member. To utterly adore them for all they are, and not become hell-bent on changing parts of them that are the core of their essence.
Over the years, and with many dogs to teach me, I have come to view dogs as beings of the Earth who have as much right as us to be who they are, express who they are, and be seen for who they are. The dog daycare was a wonderful place to explore this.

Many dogs who had social difficulties found refuge in the environment I created that allowed each individual to utterly be themselves. It was a joy to observe the freedom they felt to be themselves and to receive instruction that was grounded in the understanding and framework of their own world view.

I remember an intuitive reading with a dog who had appeared withdrawn and upset after he attended another dog daycare. His people worried that he had been mistreated there somehow. When asked about it, he shared that the people in charge of the dog daycare had not at all seen him for who he was, and they had treated him like “a dog”.

Being treated like “a dog”, as he defined it, was to be treated like a robot – without any consideration for his feelings or his personality or his own expression of himself. He had been treated kindly, but blindly; which is the opposite of his experience with his people – who acknowledge him for who he is and value him as an important contributor to the family.

Tamryn Fudge is an animal communicator, dog trainer and shamanic practitioner and student. She offers shamanic dog training to help you and your dog get closer and love deeper - for aggression and behaviour problems, everyday learning and puppy teaching. Group and private sessions available. | 250-573-1744

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Infinite Dog, Kamloops, BC, Canada, dog training, aggression, behaviour, puppies, puppy training
Infinite Dog, Kamloops, BC, Canada, dog training, aggression, behaviour, puppies, puppy training
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